Hello blog readers,

I want to apologize for taking the past 6 months off of this blog and thank everyone that continues to link to this blog even though it hasn’t been updated in that time.

So, my second son was born about 9 months ago and life exploded. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened but I had to drop all non-essential activities and that included this. This blog isn’t written by a team of people, it’s just me. I don’t monetize this blog either, so I don’t feel a lot of pressure to hit my advertising numbers to get those big bonuses from Amazon or whatever. It’s just me.

So my kid was born and life got more complicated, you are probably thinking “So what, people have kids…where are my hoppy saison recipes I rely on? What about those experimental hops? You said you had a bunch….” I do…and I have a backlog of posts that I will start moving through and some of those are hoppy saisons, experimental hop beers and the rest. I appreciate all the messages I received through the blog asking if I was going to keep it up, I will.

In addition to getting another son (Theodore by the way), I also lost my job at the National Cancer Institute which caused me to start looking for another job…very stressful time. I ended up getting a better job than I had previously so I landed on my feet.

In addition to getting another son, losing my job, and getting a new job…I also took the plunge and started a brewery. Yep…I’m that cliche. I’m a homebrewer with brick and mortar dreams of owning and operating his own brewery. If I’m being honest, this has been in planning for about 4 years and the initial purpose of this blog was to begin my exploration of the beer industry in a more thorough and documented way. The brewery by the way is “Handsome Beer Company” (FOLLOW THE FACEBOOK PAGE) and I’ll be writing more about that in a series of upcoming posts. It’s an exciting process, frustrating, but exciting. I’m brewing beer and selling it to the public though.

So in the end that leaves me with two kids and two jobs….fun times ahead.

Here’s to a great year of many successful blog posts and growing my brewery and community. Happy (belated) new year blogosphere. I have not abandoned you.



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