Time Marches On

The last time I wrote in this blog was in December of 2020. I was discussing COVID and the vaccine. Since then I’ve gone deeper into the COVID response and further alienated the mechanisms I put in place to escape government service and continue on my way to a more satisfying future.

I do have updates on my journey to being independent but sometimes it feels a little like “you can’t get there from here”.

I think the people who will be vaccinated are vaccinated so I’m treading water until we can get the kids vaccinated. After that, roll the dice. Get vaccinated, get the booster, wear a mask, or don’t and take your chances. The economy won’t likely shut down again and our weakness as a people is on display for everyone to see.

Currently, I help coordinate a school testing program for the federal government and not much else.

But this is a BEER BLOG. So I’ll talk about beer now.

I have a trademark on the word PATENT now, I think or maybe the other way around, no this is the right way to say it. Definitely a trademark on PATENT. I find this quite funny.

We brewed some collaborations which I will write about individually in separate posts but I’m also operating a yeast lab.

I would like to return to this blog and describe how I’ve kept my passion for the science of alcohol alive during the hardest moments of my life. Might be good therapy for me at least. I miss writing and talking about beer and the science of beer.

Patent Brewing Company will be a thing again. I’m terrified of the future but I have no other place to go.


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