Recipe #28: Moteuka Abbey Ale (Batch #25.2014)

This is a repeat of a beer I made a few years ago when I first discovered the hop "moteuka"...someone please tell me how to pronounce that name properly.  This is a fun beer for a few reasons. First, I don't know of many beers that use this hop, there are a few lagers out … Continue reading Recipe #28: Moteuka Abbey Ale (Batch #25.2014)


Recipe #27: Belgian Brown Saison #2 (Batch #2014.24)

This is a version of the Brown Saison I made a month or so ago. Dialing in a few recipes is an objective of mine so I can have these beers to lean on and play with for an indefinite period of time stretching off into the future. These "Brown saisons" are basically Special B … Continue reading Recipe #27: Belgian Brown Saison #2 (Batch #2014.24)

Recipe #26: Chinook Rye Belgo IPA with 20% Rye (Batch #2014.23)

Wow, I'm sorry I've been neglecting the blog lately. Two weeks without a post. There is so much happening right now, in the past few weeks, I just haven't had time to update. The consequence is that I have six beer recipes that will go up in the next couple of weeks. I'll get back … Continue reading Recipe #26: Chinook Rye Belgo IPA with 20% Rye (Batch #2014.23)

Experimental Hop Series #5: ADHA 484 Saison (Recipe #25, Batch #2014.22)

I hope no one is upset that this post isn't about a Galaxy saison... I know I'm not. This is my ongoing experiment trying different "experimental" varieties of hops I get from Yakima Valley Hops, my favorite hop dealer. In case you are new to this blog, this is the FIFTH! of a series of … Continue reading Experimental Hop Series #5: ADHA 484 Saison (Recipe #25, Batch #2014.22)

DIY: Spent Grain Flour

I love recycling. I try to reuse everything I can, keep re-purposing materials over and over again until they are gone. My conversion of a used bourbon barrel into a meat smoker is an example of this compulsion. This post is about where some (not all) of my spent grain goes from all the batches … Continue reading DIY: Spent Grain Flour

Beer Pedantry #2: Trappist Breweries and Beer

I don't do beer tastings, mostly because my tasting group dissolved, but also I sort of outgrew the desire to drink the craziest, hardest to get whales ever. It really is just beer. It was fun while it lasted, I just don't have the time or energy (or money) to keep it up. Good for … Continue reading Beer Pedantry #2: Trappist Breweries and Beer

Recipe #23: Chinook Rye Belgo IPA (Batch #2014.18)

If I'm being honest, and I should be, I was so disappointed with how the Chinook and Cascade Engligh IPA turned out (even though my tasting panels showed it was a fine beer) that I completely ditched that recipe rather than tweak it into something I think is good. I hated that beer. Sometimes completely … Continue reading Recipe #23: Chinook Rye Belgo IPA (Batch #2014.18)

Introduction to Food Fermentation

I thought I would throw in a quick post about something I've been working on that I've decided to add to this blog. There are a few hundred people that seem to look at this blog and follow it, so before I made a change I thought I would warn people. This blog serves a … Continue reading Introduction to Food Fermentation

Recipe #24: “Flowerfield” Saison — Collaboration Brew Day in Chicago (Batch #2014.11)

I've been brewing with other people in the DC area a lot lately. I forgot how much fun it could be brewing with another person. It is great to get back into it. A few years ago, my friend Mike Thorpe came over to observe a brew day. He was excited to get into brewing … Continue reading Recipe #24: “Flowerfield” Saison — Collaboration Brew Day in Chicago (Batch #2014.11)