Recipe #27: Belgian Brown Saison #2 (Batch #2014.24)

This is a version of the Brown Saison I made a month or so ago. Dialing in a few recipes is an objective of mine so I can have these beers to lean on and play with for an indefinite period of time stretching off into the future. These "Brown saisons" are basically Special B … Continue reading Recipe #27: Belgian Brown Saison #2 (Batch #2014.24)


Recipe #21: Brown Saison with Cascade Hops (Batch #2014.16)

What is a brown saison? What is a Belgian brown ale? I don't know. Sort of like the Black IPA episode of a year back, when you do something odd like add a bunch of dry hopping to your porter recipe, what should you call it? There is a popular brewery around here called "Right … Continue reading Recipe #21: Brown Saison with Cascade Hops (Batch #2014.16)