Recipe #12: Mosaic and Simcoe Saison (Batch #2014.06)

Another hoppy saison recipe from a blog about hoppy least they are good! This a slight departure and a sign of things to come: this is not a single hop saison (all right, none of them have been single hop saisons but they all showcased one particular hop). This beer has late additions of … Continue reading Recipe #12: Mosaic and Simcoe Saison (Batch #2014.06)


Recipe #7: Mosaic Saison (Batch #2014.01)

What a horrid winter, but we are powering through. I finally made it to the first brew day of the year, February 1st!. I was really hoping to get something done in January but the polar vortex and a trip to Phoenix, it wasn’t going to get squeezed in. We’ve been hunkered down. But fortunately, February, … Continue reading Recipe #7: Mosaic Saison (Batch #2014.01)