Recipe #33: Moteuka Abbey Ale #2 (Batch #2014.29)

This beer ended up being my second to last brew (sadly) of 2014. I did not hit my ATF limit of 200 gallons (which is my goal every year...maybe 2015 will hit the limit). Rounding out a really productive year this good beer, Moteuka Abbey Ale #2. Well, it's probably pretty obvious that this is … Continue reading Recipe #33: Moteuka Abbey Ale #2 (Batch #2014.29)


Recipe #6: Moteuka Saison (Batch #2013.23)

Getting tired of these yet? I'm not but I promise there are several beers coming up that aren't just hoppy saisons. This one is another hoppy saison though, but uses an under-utilized hop in my opinon. It is quite difficult to find a commercial example that showcases this hop. The only one I've personally had … Continue reading Recipe #6: Moteuka Saison (Batch #2013.23)