2014 Blog Review and Upcoming in 2015

I was going to post in late October to review the blog at one year but I figured that if I was going to post something completely self-referential I might as well do a year-in-review instead, so this is a review of the blog up until now (the last 14 months) and looking ahead into … Continue reading 2014 Blog Review and Upcoming in 2015


Beer Pedantry #2: Trappist Breweries and Beer

I don't do beer tastings, mostly because my tasting group dissolved, but also I sort of outgrew the desire to drink the craziest, hardest to get whales ever. It really is just beer. It was fun while it lasted, I just don't have the time or energy (or money) to keep it up. Good for … Continue reading Beer Pedantry #2: Trappist Breweries and Beer

Introduction to Food Fermentation

I thought I would throw in a quick post about something I've been working on that I've decided to add to this blog. There are a few hundred people that seem to look at this blog and follow it, so before I made a change I thought I would warn people. This blog serves a … Continue reading Introduction to Food Fermentation

Beer Pedantry #1: What is “lambic”?

I love lambic. I love gueuze. I love Cantillon, Girardin, Drie Fonteinen, Tilquin, Boon....I love these breweries and their beers. If I had more money, I would have more than the few¬†dozen bottles of these amazing beers in my possession, alas. I love these beers so much, when I'm drinking them I don't even care … Continue reading Beer Pedantry #1: What is “lambic”?