Experimental Hop Series #1: Azacca Saison (Recipe #8, Batch #2014.02)

I am excited to start this series of beers. I will be brewing a total of 6 of these hoppy saisons with different experimental hop varieties I picked up from Yakima Valley Hops a little bit ago. These are going to all have the same grain bill and brewed as similar as possible. One of … Continue reading Experimental Hop Series #1: Azacca Saison (Recipe #8, Batch #2014.02)


Happy Winter Apsis! Brewing Goals for 2014.

I wanted to take this year-end opportunity, near the perihelion where the Earth is the closest to the sun, to talk about my brewing and blog goals for the upcoming year. I have two big brewing experiments coming up in 2014. The first experiment is focused on different yeasts. I am currently fermenting a test … Continue reading Happy Winter Apsis! Brewing Goals for 2014.

Recipe #4: Belma Saison High Temp (Batch #2013.20)

I've made several batches of beer with a blend of yeast strains from a few previous batches. The blend consists of Saison Dupont yeast, Brettanomyces claussenii and Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois. The dominant organism, by far, in the mixture is the Dupont strain (see Recipe #1, Recipe #2, and Recipe #3 for examples). This has become … Continue reading Recipe #4: Belma Saison High Temp (Batch #2013.20)

Recipe #3: Cascade and Amarillo Rye IPA (Batch #2013.21)

I love IPAs. By far my favorite style of beer, although I like almost all styles of beer. I have decided to use some different base malts to increase my understanding of different kinds of malt and the effect they have on the beer. This time I switched out the standard 2-row barley for Vienna … Continue reading Recipe #3: Cascade and Amarillo Rye IPA (Batch #2013.21)

Recipe #2: Chinook Belgian IPA (Batch #2013.19)

The second recipe in this blog is basically a continuation of the first recipe, in that it used the yeast cake from the Citra Saison. This is a “Belgian IPA”…which, in my opinion, is an odd style distinction. It seems to me that breweries will call any hoppy ale, regardless of malt bill or yeast used … Continue reading Recipe #2: Chinook Belgian IPA (Batch #2013.19)

Recipe #1 – Citra Saison (Batch #2013.18)

This is the first recipe I am posting on this blog even though, according to my notes, this is around the 150th batch of beer I've brewed. Recipes will be posted as they are brewed from now on. About sixth months ago, I started making really simple wort using a few different base grains as … Continue reading Recipe #1 – Citra Saison (Batch #2013.18)