Experimental Hop Series #9: Jarrylo Saison (Recipe #39, Batch #2015.09)

Been falling behind on the blog lately but things have been....busy. But two posts in two day? For real? I'm now a double dad, two sons. Being a dad is one of if not the most important aspect of my personality. They will always take priority and that is unfortunate for this blog and my … Continue reading Experimental Hop Series #9: Jarrylo Saison (Recipe #39, Batch #2015.09)


Stout with Brettanomyces

Note: This was published in an incomplete form, that will stop happening now. Sorry about that. I have a few left over beers from the 10 years I was brewing but not maintaining this meager blog space. When I come across these old beer, or decide to check on them, I'll throw up a post … Continue reading Stout with Brettanomyces

Recipe #20: Dandelion Saison (Batch #2014.10)

Ever weed your garden and then decide to make a beer? This is my second attempt at a dandelion beer using flowers picked out of my yard. The first was last year using my blend of saison yeasts and Brettanomyces species...it was a big hit but the dandelion character was rather subtle. I added about 2.5 … Continue reading Recipe #20: Dandelion Saison (Batch #2014.10)

Recipe #17: Hibiscus Brett Saison (Batch #2014.08)

Spring has sprung and what better way to celebrate than starting a new brewing project and make some flower beers! This will be the first in a series of flower beers made this spring / summer...hopefully they will all turn out well. This is the only one out of the four or five where I … Continue reading Recipe #17: Hibiscus Brett Saison (Batch #2014.08)

Sour Program — Part 2: A Blended Sour

Authors Note: I try to post a recipe a week (or a post about brewing once a week) but this week I'm posting two, this being the second behind the Chinook and Cascade IPA disaster. I'm doing this to minimize the impact of that bad beer post on this blog and to reduce my backlog … Continue reading Sour Program — Part 2: A Blended Sour

Brettanomyces clausseni Ale

I started this blog a few months ago but I've been brewing for about 10 years. I wanted to start the blog so I could keep better track of what beers I'm making and to force me to try more experiments...push my abilities and contact other brewers to refine my technique. This post isn't going … Continue reading Brettanomyces clausseni Ale

Recipe #4: Belma Saison High Temp (Batch #2013.20)

I've made several batches of beer with a blend of yeast strains from a few previous batches. The blend consists of Saison Dupont yeast, Brettanomyces claussenii and Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois. The dominant organism, by far, in the mixture is the Dupont strain (see Recipe #1, Recipe #2, and Recipe #3 for examples). This has become … Continue reading Recipe #4: Belma Saison High Temp (Batch #2013.20)