Brettanomyces clausseni Ale

I started this blog a few months ago but I've been brewing for about 10 years. I wanted to start the blog so I could keep better track of what beers I'm making and to force me to try more experiments...push my abilities and contact other brewers to refine my technique. This post isn't going … Continue reading Brettanomyces clausseni Ale


Saccharomyces species experiment #1: Paradoxus Ale (Recipe #14, Batch #2014.07)

This post is about beer, but in addition, this post is about the microbiology of beer, specifically the microbiology of the genus Saccharomyces. I am a microbiologist by trade, so there will be several posts throughout this blog concerning the organisms responsible for the production of beer and other fermentation products. This is the first … Continue reading Saccharomyces species experiment #1: Paradoxus Ale (Recipe #14, Batch #2014.07)

Sour Program — Part 1: Unblended Lambic #1 (Cantillon dregs)

One of the more popular style of beer these days is anything "wild" or "sour". But these beers are not new, in fact they are some of the oldest styles of beers still in production. Before the days of microbiology and sanitation, and pure culture, likely all beers were "wild" or at least contaminated. I'm … Continue reading Sour Program — Part 1: Unblended Lambic #1 (Cantillon dregs)

Recipe #7: Mosaic Saison (Batch #2014.01)

What a horrid winter, but we are powering through. I finally made it to the first brew day of the year, February 1st!. I was really hoping to get something done in January but the polar vortex and a trip to Phoenix, it wasn’t going to get squeezed in. We’ve been hunkered down. But fortunately, February, … Continue reading Recipe #7: Mosaic Saison (Batch #2014.01)

Recipe #5: Snow Day IPA w/Nelson hops (Batch #2013.22)

2013 is coming to a close and I decided to brew several batches of "pale ales" with my saison blend that showcased either hops or the yeasts...or the combination I suppose. This is not the hoppiest beer in that series but this is a nice "pale ale" of sorts that utilizes one of my favorite … Continue reading Recipe #5: Snow Day IPA w/Nelson hops (Batch #2013.22)

Recipe #4: Belma Saison High Temp (Batch #2013.20)

I've made several batches of beer with a blend of yeast strains from a few previous batches. The blend consists of Saison Dupont yeast, Brettanomyces claussenii and Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois. The dominant organism, by far, in the mixture is the Dupont strain (see Recipe #1, Recipe #2, and Recipe #3 for examples). This has become … Continue reading Recipe #4: Belma Saison High Temp (Batch #2013.20)

Recipe #3: Cascade and Amarillo Rye IPA (Batch #2013.21)

I love IPAs. By far my favorite style of beer, although I like almost all styles of beer. I have decided to use some different base malts to increase my understanding of different kinds of malt and the effect they have on the beer. This time I switched out the standard 2-row barley for Vienna … Continue reading Recipe #3: Cascade and Amarillo Rye IPA (Batch #2013.21)

Recipe #1 – Citra Saison (Batch #2013.18)

This is the first recipe I am posting on this blog even though, according to my notes, this is around the 150th batch of beer I've brewed. Recipes will be posted as they are brewed from now on. About sixth months ago, I started making really simple wort using a few different base grains as … Continue reading Recipe #1 – Citra Saison (Batch #2013.18)