Recipe #34: Chinook Wet Hop Saison (Batch #2014.30)

Rounding out the end of the year with a brewing marathon. No empty fermenter for the New Year! At least that's the goal. I have 4 empties right now so we'll see if I can squeeze in 4 brewdays in the next week and a half...hard to do but not impossible. I'm trying to squeeze … Continue reading Recipe #34: Chinook Wet Hop Saison (Batch #2014.30)


Stout with Brettanomyces

Note: This was published in an incomplete form, that will stop happening now. Sorry about that. I have a few left over beers from the 10 years I was brewing but not maintaining this meager blog space. When I come across these old beer, or decide to check on them, I'll throw up a post … Continue reading Stout with Brettanomyces

Recipe #33: Moteuka Abbey Ale #2 (Batch #2014.29)

This beer ended up being my second to last brew (sadly) of 2014. I did not hit my ATF limit of 200 gallons (which is my goal every year...maybe 2015 will hit the limit). Rounding out a really productive year this good beer, Moteuka Abbey Ale #2. Well, it's probably pretty obvious that this is … Continue reading Recipe #33: Moteuka Abbey Ale #2 (Batch #2014.29)

Recipe #32: Wakatu Saison (Batch #2014.28)

Technically, this is my first post of 2015. So Happy New Year Gregorian calendar users! This is an elaboration on the Galaxy saisons I've been doing. I'm going to tweak this recipe with respect to hops and yeast and some grain bill substitutions as a sort of blank slate for different experiments. My hope is … Continue reading Recipe #32: Wakatu Saison (Batch #2014.28)

Summary of My Experimental Hop Variety Saisons for 2014

I love hops. From my first Stone IPA back in 2001 to now I'm a devout hop head. This year, in order to increase my love and understanding of the dozens (hundreds?) of hop varieties available I decided to undergo a project and brew a series of simple saisons that highlight different hops and even … Continue reading Summary of My Experimental Hop Variety Saisons for 2014

Recipe #31: Galaxy Saison with Blaugies Yeast #3 – Hop Stand (Batch #2014.26)

This post was accidentally released before it was ready, sorry for the confusion to the few of you that saw it in the incomplete state. Still working on this one, even though it is probably getting incredibly boring. I'm returning to the recipe I used in Recipe #19,This will be the last one of these … Continue reading Recipe #31: Galaxy Saison with Blaugies Yeast #3 – Hop Stand (Batch #2014.26)

Recipe #30: Mandarina Bavaria Saison (Batch #2014.27)

Another beer post, hooray! Even though this is yet another hoppy saison, this beer represents a huge deviation from my standard protocol. First, the grain bill is wildly different than previous batches. I am gong to start moving into more complicated / interesting grain bills than I have before. I used to use a variety … Continue reading Recipe #30: Mandarina Bavaria Saison (Batch #2014.27)

Experimental Hop Series #6: ADHA 871 Saison (Recipe #29, Batch #2014.29)

Well, I did it. I'm finally here. I set out at the beginning of the year to brew a series of hoppy saisons using a bunch of experimental hops from Yakima Valley Hops and I did it, this is the sixth (SIXTH!!!) in this series. Six beers that used the same yeast, the same grain … Continue reading Experimental Hop Series #6: ADHA 871 Saison (Recipe #29, Batch #2014.29)

Recipe #27: Belgian Brown Saison #2 (Batch #2014.24)

This is a version of the Brown Saison I made a month or so ago. Dialing in a few recipes is an objective of mine so I can have these beers to lean on and play with for an indefinite period of time stretching off into the future. These "Brown saisons" are basically Special B … Continue reading Recipe #27: Belgian Brown Saison #2 (Batch #2014.24)